Comprehensive Network Solutions for the Public Sector

At Bright House Networks Enterprise Solutions, we understand that the work of the public sector is never done and always in demand. Government agencies at every level must leverage technological innovations to expand the way they deliver information and services to their constituents.

Online transactions and digital interaction with citizens via graphical user interfaces and audio/video presentations are now expected from governments and their agencies. But with shrinking IT budgets, doing more with less is critical. At Enterprise Solutions we have extensive experience creating customized communications and networking solutions for the public sector—integrating your services into a single secure system for added efficiency and cost-savings.

Governments can’t afford downtime when it comes to their communications network. That’s why our services are backed by our privately owned and managed all fiber network. Our fully redundant, secure infrastructure ensures connectivity and accountability 24/7/365. Like you, we don’t just live and work in the communities we serve; we’re committed to and invested in its long-term growth. From sales to technical support, you can count on our dedicated, local teams to be there when you need us.


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